Silicone Rubber Keypad


Reliable and cost-effective switch solutions with elastic tactile feedback and various finishes could achieve excellent abrasion resistance and backlight requirement.

Produced by compression mold, silicone rubber keypad is now widely applied in high tech industries with its excellent durability, electrical insulation and weather fastness. Based on the client's request, the tool maker would suggest suitable tooling cavities for the most economical and efficient solution. 

The most distinct character of silicone rubber keypad would be its elastic tactile feeling. It's created by different durometer and web area design combination. Color can be changed by adding pigments into the natural rubber, spray painting, silkscreen printing, or laser etching. Also, to protect the legends printing on it, there're different methods to choose. 

Silicone rubber keypad works with all kinds of circuit boards from membrane switch to PCB. Also, it could be co-molded with plastic or metal insert parts, or glued with plastic or metal keycaps.



Design options for different durability and finish requirement

Quick View a series of product enhancements to its elastomer keypads

solutions for SRK

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