Get Samples from JOESMEN in 5 Easy Steps

All of JOESMEN parts are customized. The whole process involves new tooling and sample approval before formal production. Following is the workflow and the brief introduction.

Customization Services

JOESMEN understand your needs and preferences, as well as the technical capabilities required to deliver customized products efficiently and cost-effectively. We have strong communication and collaboration skills. We are able to work closely with you to ensure that your customized products meet your exact specifications. 

With 5 steps, you can get the sample as you requested 😊😊😊

Work Flow


First, please provide drawings and as much information as possible for the initial quote. Joesmen will check the basic workability and provide tooling cost and unit price according. The quotation may be a rough one, but the client could use the information for further design development. Price is normally provided in USD or EUR with incoterm FOB Taiwan.



Once the final design is settled, please provide order and determinate drawings for Joesmen’s final check. The cost may be adjusted to Joesmen’s final confirmation according to the detail drawings or raw material’s prime cost increase.


After the order is placed and accepted, Joesmen will send an invoice as “50% down payment” to the client. Normally, the tooling cost will be separated in 2 invoices, “50% down payment” and “50% balance payment”. The client will receive the down payment invoice with order, and the balance payment invoice with the first sample delivery.



Joesmen may adjust the client’s final drawings or provide internal design/ tooling design to make sure the workability. For SRK and MS, Joesmen can help to build up the internal design, circuit layout and BOM. For injected plastic parts, drawing with injection gate, ejector pin, and parting line location approval is necessary. The tooling production would only start after all of the designs are approved, as well as the sample delivery date confirmed.



The standard tooling lead-time is 45 days after Joesmen receives the tooling design approval. As the duration may be adjusted according to the project’s criticality and complexity, it is advised to leave abundant time, or check with Joesmen for accurate schedule beforehand.


Sample will be sent 1 to 2 weeks after the tooling production is done. For injected plastic parts, the samples will be sent in 2 times, T1 for bare part’s dimension check and T2 for finished part’s post processing check, such as printing, heat-staking, and texture applying. The 50% balance payment invoice will be sent along with the first sample delivery.


Sometimes, a sample may need adjustment or modification before it’s completed satisfying. Joesmen would assist clients to find out the most suitable solution.


Sometimes, the client doesn’t have enough time to wait for sample approval and choose “waive production”, or called “risk production”. It means slipping sample delivery, and the parts will be produced right after tooling production. It may save 1 to 2 weeks but the risk will be 100% at the client’s side.



After the sample is approved, the part is ready for formal production. All of Joesmen’s products are with RoHS and REACH compliance. The yield rate follows AQL standard MIL-STD-105E General Inspection Level 2.


Joesmen takes responsibility for its products. The client would report the batch and quantity of the problematic parts, and Joesmen will provide assistance to further adjustment, modification or replacement.


To receive a quote for your project, please send us your drawings and details. We'll contact with you soon.