Display Soulutions

We have decades of experience supplying high-quality industrial keypads and related products, satisfying customers around the world.

Taking pride in our ability to integrate Taiwanese suppliers' specialties, we provide customized components for display, including various-sized 

LCD panel, backlight, driver circuits, keyboards, and plastic or aluminun enclosures. Each item could be adjusted to your demands and designed for specific  applications, such as military, medical, and aerospace industry.

Monochrome Display Series

Rubber + Monochrome LCD

Plastic Injection + Monochrome LCD

Keycaps + Monochrome LCD

NVIS Monochrome LCD

TFT Display Series and Touch Screen



TFT-LCD Specification

Glass-Like Plastic Screen


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Monochrome LCD, also known as monochrome liquid crystal display, is a type of display technology that is commonly used in devices such as watches, calculators and industrial equipment.