The Role of Rubber Button Surface Abrasion Testing 

RCA (Abrasion Wear Tester)

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester

The fading or blurry print on some frequently pressed buttons is due to the wear caused by our fingers touching the keys. Most manufacturers prioritize the quality of their products and aim to prevent buttons from losing their paint or coating after minimal use. The RCA (Abrasion Wear Tester) test method is specifically designed to evaluate the friction resistance of rubber printing on buttons. It is commonly employed to assess the durability of surface printing on rubber buttons. 


Purpose of Wear Testing in Evaluating the Performance of Rubber Keypads

The keypads provide tactile feedback and facilitate user interaction with electronic devices. However, to ensure their long-term performance and durability, it is important to evaluate the effects of wear and abrasion on silicone rubber keypads. Wear testing and abrasion resistance analysis are vital tools for manufacturers to assess the quality and reliability of these keypads.

Wear testing serves as a valuable method for evaluating the performance of silicone rubber keypads. By subjecting the keypads to controlled wear and abrasion, manufacturers can simulate real-world usage conditions and assess their resistance to wear and degradation. Wear testing allows for the identification of potential weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the keypad's construction, such as surface coatings or printed texts, enabling manufacturers to make improvements and enhance product durability. 

How to Analyze and Interpret Abrasion Test Data

Analyzing and interpreting abrasion test data is essential to understanding the performance and durability of silicone rubber keypads. Test results can provide insights into the effectiveness of protective coatings, printing methods, and overall material quality.

Abrasion Test Data from Joesmen:

1 cycle= 10,000 times of finger press.

Poor= under 10 cycles
Fair= 10 ~ 15 cycles
Good= 15 ~ 30 cycles
Excellent= 50 ~ 100 cycles
Superior= 100 ~ 200 cycles


Definition of failure

Failure occurs when a printed line breaks or a second layer of color is exposed.


Abrasion test equipment

RCA Abrasion Wear Tester: Norman Tool model #7-IBB.

Abrasion paper: Norman Tool paper type #1189



The above figures are for reference only. The result may be subjected to different font styles or graphics/ key designs. JOESMEN reserves the right to change or modify the information without prior notice.


Silicone rubber keypads are integral components in a wide range of industries, and their durability and performance are of utmost importance. Wear testing and abrasion resistance analysis provide valuable insights into the longevity and quality of these keypads, enabling manufacturers to deliver products that meet high standards of reliability and customer satisfaction. By understanding the purpose of wear testing and how to interpret abrasion test data, manufacturers can optimize their design and production processes, ultimately providing end-users with silicone rubber keypads that withstand the rigors of everyday use.